Estylo 1.1 for Ipad-Stylus for Artists


Stylus for Ipad Tablets

For artists using Ipad, this is probably what we are waiting for. Fernando Jimenez from Mexico, who founded the company Plai brought up with his original idea of stylus for Ipad and with his team, developed Estylo 1.1. It is the first and so far the only wooden stylus for touch screen tablets, designed with the understanding of artists needs. According to their website, Estylo is stuffed with technology that the stylus can be easily detected by tablets without the need of exerting too much pressure. Estylo currently launched a campaign on Kickstarter for funding and hopefully, this will receive favor from artists and tablet users.

As artists, art is part of our everyday lives. Most artists bring their sketchpads with them just toEstylo make sure that when an inspiration caught their attention, they can grab the pencil and do some doodling. Well, I remember a lot of my friends who can’t leave without bringing their sketchpads with them. Anything can inspire us and it is but practical for artists to make sure that we are ready when that happens.

Technology wise, when Ipad has been released, artists are thinking of ways on how art can also be with them with the use of that technology. Perhaps, this technology developed especially for tablets like Ipad do the trick of transferring artists inspiration into digital arts.

This is the developer’s description for Estylo 1.1

Estylo 1.1 works on: all generations of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Samsung galaxy tab, Droid and other Android devices with a capacitive touch screen.

Great for drawing, sketching, writing, playing games, reading ebooks or navigating the web.Magnetically attaches to the iPad 2.Ergonomic design that adapts to the natural grip of the hand The front tip works between 5 to 70 degrees. Dual tip stylus. The back tip is perfect for more detailed work. No extra pressure is needed for the tips to function.

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Cluckie The Vampire Chicken

This is one of the best animation created by GreyKid Pictures using my favorite software anime studio. Apart from that, this is also a funny rendition of a vampire story, not the scary ones that we usually see on television. Being a vampire, Chuckie lurks for his food. The situation forced him to hunt chicken during day because they are kept safely on the barn during night. In that case, Chuckie has to device ways and find solutions on getting his meal. However, with no luck, he finds himself victim of the very traps that he sets and get burned with sunlight, which makes the story completely funny. Well, in this I can recall watching Coyote trying to capture road runner to no avail when his plans back fire to him.

Going back to Freakish Kid, you really did a great job making anime studio users proud. You really provided an inspiration to every anime studio users like me.

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VideoHelp for Animation

As animators, we want our content most of the time to be rendered in video format and we find different ways on how to do it. When I was prompted with the question way back 2003 if is it possible to render videos without the need of using the commercial video editing brands, that is when I started looking for an open source community that discusses about software and applications under GNU. These software are distributed for free or sometimes for small donations. I am already using a commercial video editing and compositing package and I just want to expand my experience on video pre and post production.

That is when I discovered the wonderful site that discusses a lot about video productions, the Video Help web site. I remember when we are looking for a way on how we can embed subtitles for our videos without the need of buying an expensive application (eg. Sofni), I found the use of virtual dub. Reading a video help post, I discovered that most of the hard subbed Anime videos uploaded on the internet is using one of the many procedures posted on video help’s production guide. I was able to take a look at lengthy discussions of different possibilities using a variety of open source and commercial applications. In that case, we can check the effectiveness of our methods and compare which approach will greatly suit our needs and our budget.

Many multi-media inclined individuals frequented this website for its excellent collections of topics and services related to video production and distribution. It has been helpful as CD-R review blog bringing wide range of good topics for beginners and professionals as well. In this website, you can find an informative guide about duplication equipment, accessories, and numerous packages we need in distributing our created content from editing to post production. Verbatim CD-R for example, which is, for all we know, has a name in terms of video distribution benefits from the reputation video help has for years. Well, I cannot see anything wrong if video help will provide an informative guide for readers because that’s what curious and meticulous people need.

Now, you may ask me which one suits best for bringing our animated content to videos? Well, in terms of quality, commercial brands have reputation on it and I will not say no for commercial brands. But I cannot disregard the point that GNU attracted a lot of users too, seeing a lot of users utilizing GNU technologies bringing good video content. To sum it up, we can benefit for both in a wider perspective.

For guhitgalaw readers, I will be posting the useful discussions and link I found in video help, which in my opinion can educate us for our pre and post production needs.

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Cool Ninja Animation by VuAnimation

Ninja characters interest me a lot since childhood. I even remember myself wearing a T-Shirt on my head and mimics the ninja characters I watched on TV. Fun stuff huh and hilarious too. Well, ninjas on cartoons maybe a little bit exaggerated by the imagination of the creators but the presentation is pretty good indeed. In history, ninjas are assassins coming from different clans who disguises themselves in different manners. That is where the inspiration of the popular Anime Naruto, depicting a story about Ninjas from different villages. This anime however made a little deviation from our usual impression of a ninja since the legendary ninja we know do not reveal their identities, so they wear masks.

Anyway, let’s go back to VuAnimation’s ninja that hits about 43,063 views on YouTube. Wow! A lot of people really loved your work, so do I. I hope that VuAnimation can make his very own Flash Ninja Series on YouTube that viewers will probably loved. Well done ninja animation!

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Anime Studio Wave Flag Tutorial

Selgin once again created an advance tutorial on how to make wave flags using vector animation in Anime Studio. In his discussion he pointed out the use of cycles in making the points interpolate in different positions and make a wavy effect.

This technique will be a real time saver to those who will animate different type of flags with complex geometric prints. Not only that, this can also be useful in animating waves where cycle is mostly needed. It is good that selgin figured out this type of technique and many anime studio users who learned this are already using this approach in animation. By the way, there are also other approaches in animating waves and I will be happy to share that as well in the future.

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Moverage Game

Another cool game from Newgrounds using a lot of physics. The mission in this game is to put the object in the box. The player will use the mouse to move the object to the desired position until it landed to the desired location. When the object landed on the box, the player will then be prompted to the next task.

Wow! This is an amazing game. The music is a little bit creepy but the physics thing is really remarkable. I am now pondering on how much time does the developer of this game consumed in coding the movements and physics for this game.

This game is one of Newgrounds Top 5 submissions as of November 8, 2011.

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Cool Go Go Penguin Game

This funny flash game features a young penguin who got separated from his parents when an iceberg broke leaving him floating to the sea. Alone, he has to find his way to  mommy and daddy penguin He and will be forced to find solutions to problems that he will find along the snowy journey. This game caught my interest because I somehow know the process and workflow in developing this kind of game and it reminds of similar games I created before.

I think, it is better if there will be more clues for the players so that it will not be that difficult to figure out what the young penguin has to do. I mean, this is some sort of escape game and it is better if there will bits of directions as to what the penguin will be doing next. But to sum it up, this is a cool and funny game and I enjoyed playing it.

Go Go Penguin is one of the Top 5 NewGrounds submissions as of Nov 8, 2011.

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