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Action Script 3.0 Basics

If you are pretty excited on learning Action Script 3.0 and got confused where to start, Mr. Jody Hall in his website produced a good collections of AS 3.0 OOP tutorials that helped me a lot in learning important stuff … Continue reading

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Full Body Turn Tutorial in Anime Studio

This tutorial is created by one of the Anime Studio user I admired most for his remarkable skills in executing animation using anime studio, Mr. Victor Paredes or as we know him in the lost marble site, “selgin”. This shows … Continue reading

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Programming in Action Script 3.0 Made Easy

Games games games. With the basic understanding of Action Script, it is like understanding game development tortures me. It is really exhausting finding my way on manipulating objects and movie clips using codes and when an error popped out, it … Continue reading

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Anime Studio-Ninji Character Design

Now, it is a fun time starting to animate again in anime studio. For quite a while I have been animating in Flash for games and now it is pretty exciting that I am preparing a character for a game. … Continue reading

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Cute Cat Nap Animation

We have cats at home, about three of them are kittens. My wife gave names to the two of them, one is Albert, one is Chi and the other one has no name. Well, they are cute cuddling cats and … Continue reading

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Website Promotion Through Weblist

In the real world, we promote our products to prospect customers devicing advertising and promotion strategies to ensure that we reach the targeted people. We conduct symposiums, presentations, pamphlet distributions and large numbers of proven marketing approaches in order to … Continue reading

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Facebook as a Medium for Public Service

Facebook, which we can tell as the most popular social networking site today has been used by a concerned citizen to help an old woman find her missing husband, Lolo Matias. According to his story, he saw an old woman … Continue reading

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