About Me

“Life is animated…”

It is filled with colors, with actions and meaning. True life never fades, never dies, because life is always and always animated by the Almighty One that keeps us all breathing and alive. As an animator, I incline to the belief that my skill and talent is not because of my own effort, skill, and enthusiasm. There is Someone who give me life and strength to do the wonderful things that I can do, and He is God.

And by receiving great things from Him, it is my intention to share the things that I have learned to others. Sharing is one of the great deed that every people should do, and it makes me happy to do that. So, why shouldn’t I do the thing that makes me happy? For that reason I put up this blog to share to everyone all things that can inform, motivate and inspire all of us.

And for every blog post that I can make, I am grateful to God who is the source of all good things that we have, great or small. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.