Programming in Action Script 3.0 Made Easy

Games games games. With the basic understanding of Action Script, it is like understanding game development tortures me. It is really exhausting finding my way on manipulating objects and movie clips using codes and when an error popped out, it took me decade to figure out why and why. Looking for good resources on the internet about game development, I came across reading the works of veteran programmers to whom I really owe a lot of in relation to game development.

By the way, my background to game development is through my friend Ms. Czarina Salao who is a Java Programmer.She lead me the way in understanding the concept about game development. Now, going back to my main point, understanding at least how programmers work with the object oriented programming broadens my perspective on how I am going to design my characters, arrange them in movie clips, and prepare all the essential elements of the game on the graphics side. I can say that, at least the basic understanding of programming concept is a lot of help in producing good design for games that will be convenient for the programmers and developers to use.

One of the many important references in understanding gaming concept are the works of Gary Rosenweig‘s which inspires me a lot. He diligently explained beginner’s and advance concepts of programming in Action Script 3.0 and provided source files that we can check and experiment later. He explained everything with ease and it is like programming is really on his blood. Well, I mean it, in my observation to his videos, I did not find him having a hard time dealing with his discussions.

Another one, which I have just recently found are the works Jody Hall. I crawled into the pages of her discussions and baamm, I smiled with gladness seeing how she divided her discussions chunks by chunks explaining the details of the codes, how they work and how codes are related to one another. Her tutorials are worth it and provided me a clear picture on good approach to Object Oriented Programming. Well so much for that, I hope that you can also see the works of these two and find their tutorials helpful. You can visit their websites at and

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