Cute Cat Nap Animation

We have cats at home, about three of them are kittens. My wife gave names to the two of them, one is Albert, one is Chi and the other one has no name. Well, they are cute cuddling cats and every morning I would see my wife playing with them. When I watched this animation, I remember those cute kittens we have at home that fills my heart with sweet memories of our house in Nueva Ecija. Well, I forgot to mention that I am now in Pampanga and we don’t have the kittens with us now. Anyway, this is a good animation, despite that it is not colored. Character animation is compelling enough to make me smile, timing is perfect and presentation is outstanding. Good flash animation indeed. This animation is created by simonscat and if you want to see more of the simon cat’s animation, feel free to visit their website.

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  1. Violette says:

    Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article. Many thanks
    for providing this information.

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