Estylo 1.1 for Ipad-Stylus for Artists


Stylus for Ipad Tablets

For artists using Ipad, this is probably what we are waiting for. Fernando Jimenez from Mexico, who founded the company Plai brought up with his original idea of stylus for Ipad and with his team, developed Estylo 1.1. It is the first and so far the only wooden stylus for touch screen tablets, designed with the understanding of artists needs. According to their website, Estylo is stuffed with technology that the stylus can be easily detected by tablets without the need of exerting too much pressure. Estylo currently launched a campaign on Kickstarter for funding and hopefully, this will receive favor from artists and tablet users.

As artists, art is part of our everyday lives. Most artists bring their sketchpads with them just toEstylo make sure that when an inspiration caught their attention, they can grab the pencil and do some doodling. Well, I remember a lot of my friends who can’t leave without bringing their sketchpads with them. Anything can inspire us and it is but practical for artists to make sure that we are ready when that happens.

Technology wise, when Ipad has been released, artists are thinking of ways on how art can also be with them with the use of that technology. Perhaps, this technology developed especially for tablets like Ipad do the trick of transferring artists inspiration into digital arts.

This is the developer’s description for Estylo 1.1

Estylo 1.1 works on: all generations of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Samsung galaxy tab, Droid and other Android devices with a capacitive touch screen.

Great for drawing, sketching, writing, playing games, reading ebooks or navigating the web.Magnetically attaches to the iPad 2.Ergonomic design that adapts to the natural grip of the hand The front tip works between 5 to 70 degrees. Dual tip stylus. The back tip is perfect for more detailed work. No extra pressure is needed for the tips to function.

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6 Responses to Estylo 1.1 for Ipad-Stylus for Artists

  1. Aman Shah says:

    E.Stylo is indeed with no doubt the most accurate capacitive stylus in the world which works without any direct electronic support or radio frquency support.But u need to get use to the holding angles and once u get use to it, its very easy.It also works with gloves on so that u can finally rest your hand comfortably on screen without unnecesary irritating inputs on the screen and it’s ideal for sketching.Its better than Dagi, Adonit Jot-Pro, OStylus, etc because the discs of those styluses while touching the screen gives unnecesary lines or points on the screen near the aim or centre point, most of the time.Also while drawing vertical or horizontal lines u get the buttery smoothness of the capacitive screens with best accuracy possible on a screen.Also till now, By-Zero’s aPen and other styluses for which By-Zero licenses technology or sells aPen with different brand names is also not so good option and not so fast and comfortable. The problem with APen stylus and styluses for which Apen licensed technology is that they only work with Few note taking apps and only with Studio Basic sketch software which lacks important features like copying many photos, Zooming for making fine lines, eye dropper tool, smudge tool, colour blur tool, Dodge tool, lighten or brighten tool, etc.And it does no support other sketch Application.Otherwise if u want an electronic stylus for very light sketching without zooming or other features or if u have no problem using a very limited compatable note taking apps , aPen will work out for u. Also your screen will not accept any other input other than the By-Zero’s aPen once aPen is being switched to on mode until it is switched off.
    Please see


    Please visit the following videos on YouTube:



    The second video I posted illustrates the accuracy of Estylo when drawing thin lines at the end of video.If possible, just zoom to see the thin lines being drawn accurately.

    Well,This is the way to use Estylo

    I came to know and analysed some important following points on e.stylo.
    Important instructions for highest accuracy of e.stylo in sketching:

    Use atleast 38 degrees slanted screen surface for more tilting comfort.Locate point with preferably back tip because in case of e.stylo 1.0,the corners of the back tip are less curved than that of front,giving more pin point control.Slightly offset back tip,maximum be around 40 degrees from the screen surface.
    Line thickness will start before the little(very small) back tip curve.
    It’s made out of wood, the front tip works between 0 to 75 degree (Approximately) angle, the back tip works from 0 to 40 degree angle (Approximately), it has all most no self caused drag, the tips are thin and team figured out a cool way for it to work with gloves on.The small tip end which is  nearest to the exposed wood part is front tip end and the other end is back tip end.See one of the large side view of e.stylo for better understanding.

    My advice:
    Use back tip for both new 1.1 version and older version for fine sketching.
    For starting a line from an intersection of 2 lines,u can use e.stylo tip in flat position without need for any offset.

    Estylo is  ideal for Sketching but may not be for handwriting.the front and back tips can be operated at various angles from various corner points.One of the corner point is for precision sketching as in the second video link I posted.

  2. Aman Shah says:

    Please check out this YouTube video i posted regarding Accuracy of Estylo by clicking on the following web link.

    This video illustrates the accuracy of Estylo when drawing thin lines at the end of video.If possible, just zoom to see the thin lines being drawn accurately.
    Estylo is compatible with all capacitive screen devices including iPad.
    Well,This is the way to use Estylo

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