Cluckie The Vampire Chicken

This is one of the best animation created by GreyKid Pictures using my favorite software anime studio. Apart from that, this is also a funny rendition of a vampire story, not the scary ones that we usually see on television. Being a vampire, Chuckie lurks for his food. The situation forced him to hunt chicken during day because they are kept safely on the barn during night. In that case, Chuckie has to device ways and find solutions on getting his meal. However, with no luck, he finds himself victim of the very traps that he sets and get burned with sunlight, which makes the story completely funny. Well, in this I can recall watching Coyote trying to capture road runner to no avail when his plans back fire to him.

Going back to Freakish Kid, you really did a great job making anime studio users proud. You really provided an inspiration to every anime studio users like me.

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