Cool Ninja Animation by VuAnimation

Ninja characters interest me a lot since childhood. I even remember myself wearing a T-Shirt on my head and mimics the ninja characters I watched on TV. Fun stuff huh and hilarious too. Well, ninjas on cartoons maybe a little bit exaggerated by the imagination of the creators but the presentation is pretty good indeed. In history, ninjas are assassins coming from different clans who disguises themselves in different manners. That is where the inspiration of the popular Anime Naruto, depicting a story about Ninjas from different villages. This anime however made a little deviation from our usual impression of a ninja since the legendary ninja we know do not reveal their identities, so they wear masks.

Anyway, let’s go back to VuAnimation’s ninja that hits about 43,063 views on YouTube. Wow! A lot of people really loved your work, so do I. I hope that VuAnimation can make his very own Flash Ninja Series on YouTube that viewers will probably loved. Well done ninja animation!

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