Cool Go Go Penguin Game

This funny flash game features a young penguin who got separated from his parents when an iceberg broke leaving him floating to the sea. Alone, he has to find his way to  mommy and daddy penguin He and will be forced to find solutions to problems that he will find along the snowy journey. This game caught my interest because I somehow know the process and workflow in developing this kind of game and it reminds of similar games I created before.

I think, it is better if there will be more clues for the players so that it will not be that difficult to figure out what the young penguin has to do. I mean, this is some sort of escape game and it is better if there will bits of directions as to what the penguin will be doing next. But to sum it up, this is a cool and funny game and I enjoyed playing it.

Go Go Penguin is one of the Top 5 NewGrounds submissions as of Nov 8, 2011.

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