Smokeless Stove-Filipino Invention

I have been so much busy doing tons of animation for a game when I went to the kitchen to get hot water in the kettle for a cup of coffee. My mother use the clay wood stove to boil the water and I do notice the huge amount of smoke it produces. I then realized that there may be advancements in technology that may suffice that problem. Friendly Google leads me to a fascinating result of a stove using gasified wood, coal and rice husk for fuel, which eventually impresses me.

The rice husk gasifier stove is invented by no other than  by the Filipino inventor Mr. Alex Belonio, who I think perfected a rice husk stove that produces blue flame. The process of gasification for cooking purposes uses the volatile gases produced by burning wood with regulated air, thus avoiding direct combustion and allowing the wood or rice husk to gasify. The volatile gases is then directed to a gas wick where a complete combustion takes place.These invention of Mr. Belonio is indeed needed nowadays especially with the price hike of LPG. Wood coal and rice husk is relatively cheaper than marketed fuels derived from oil and this invention will be particularly helpful to manage our tight budget.

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3 Responses to Smokeless Stove-Filipino Invention

  1. Tony benson says:

    A few years ago I showed an interest for Kenya in Africa where lots of local people in my wife’s village in rural Kenya use just open fires I wanted to start a small enterprise making stoves under licence if necessary is that possible. Do you already have agents in kenya

  2. Tony benson says:

    I was so impressed by alexes work on rice husk gasifiers for electricity and I love the phillipines I would
    D be love to come just to meet Alex and see his great work I would invest in units if they could easily be sent to Kenya. Africa has a huge potential o
    If only they would realise.

    • gilbertconcepcion says:

      Oh, Sorry Mr. Benson, I don’t have personal connection to Engineer Alex Benson. Like you, I just admired his work.:-)

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