28 Principles of Animation

When we want to do something in the right way, we always ask for principles and the same thing applies in terms of animation. Well I have been reading a lot of resources about it in the internet and many of them I found helpful which includes the works of Preston Blair and the book Animator’s Survival Kit by the creator of who framed Roger Rabbit. Now in relation to this, one web site catched my attention discussing not only 12 but 28 principles of animation and I believed that the author discussed everything clearly and intensively.

The 28 Principles of Animation

-Pose and Mood
-Shape and Form
-Model or Character
-Line and Silhouette
-Action and Reaction
-Squash and Stretch
-Beat and Rythem
-Depth and Volume
-Overlap and followthru
-Working from extreme to extreme
 -Straights and Curves
-Primary and secondary action
-Staging and composition
-Positive and negative shapes

Animation arena provided a detailed discussion about this principles and I think it is better if you can see it for yourself in their website. In my opinion, it is worth reading.

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