Steve Jobs’s Death

Steve JobsI was finishing some animations this morning when my wife called me telling that Steve Jobs of Apple is dead. I hurriedly checked the internet and it gave me a bit of sadness knowing that one great person in the Apple world passed away. I take a deep breath and recall the words in the Holy Scriptures stating that no human being has control over his spirit. Well, that is indeed true, because no matter how great a person may be, death is always something that we should expect.

As for Steve Jobs, for his innovations and contribution to technological advancements his name won’t be forgotten for so many great things he has made. Indeed, Apple bereft losing valuable leader in his person, and in that, guhit galaw extend his condolences.

And for us who are still living today, let us strive to be the best of what we are, no matter how small or great we may be. We should always remember that our life in this world is a preparation for a better life to come. Let us do good until the end of our lives, so that if we will suffer death, it will be sweet and rewarding thing.

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