Anime Studio 8-vector-tools-tutorial

Using anime studio drawing tools has been one of my frustrations before. Since I have been using flash for a long time, it took me some little time to understand anime studio tools which are little different from flash tools. So what I did next, I look for tutorials on anime studio and sad to say, during that time when I was starting to learn this software there are just few tutorials on anime studio. It also compelled me to frequent lostmarble forums to get help from moho (now anime studio 8) users.

Creating vector shapes in anime studio 8 is no different from Illustrator and Freehand. In fact, vector tools in anime studio is a lot simpler to use than what Adobe has. So, enjoy this video clip and I will love to hear you saying how you enjoy using anime studio.

You can actually control the points in this shapes like what we usually do in Illustrator and freehand.

You can find more tutorials about anime studio in the official anime studio tutorials link. There, you will understand almost all the basic things that you have to know about anime studio.

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