Funny Flash Animation-Lemonade

Pinoy cartoons I believe have so much potentials for flash shorts and webisodes.That come into my mind when I watched the flash short “Lemonade”. Created by Ryan Krameor’s . This flash short features a loving  but hot tempered old man who, with least of our expectation has brute strength to defend his wife from a robber who is asking  for his wallet. The robber underestimated him and here’s the robber now being beaten to death by the old man. Well I should warn you that this flash short is a little bloody but on the plus side, it is funny.

Webisodes and flash shorts are easy and fast to make and I think we can gather a lot of pinoy animated cartoons with all the funny pinoy cartoons we have in comics and news papers for decades. Oh, I am thinking of something like pinoy flash shorts or pinoy webisodes collections that Filipinos and non-Filipinos can enjoy. I am now starting to think of funny stories and pinoy jokes I learned from childhood and I think animating any of them will be fulfilling on my part.

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