Anime Studio Pro 8 Released

anime studio 8I have just acquired the copy of Anime Studio Pro 7 recently and now Anime Studio Pro 8 has been released. That is indeed a great news. Now they feature something called as auto tracing wherein a manually drawn image can be vectorized in the Anime Studio interface. That is great especially when you want your own drawings animated and you don’t have to do the manual tracing using anime studio vector tools. However, I still prefer tracing drawings manually since I want to have more controls on the vector points added.

Another good feature added in the Anime Studio arsenal (well in my observation as I use version 7) is the particle panel wherein changes made in the particles settings can be previewed real time. In version Anime Studio 5.6 I really have a hard time playing around with the particle settings just to have the desired effects I want. Now, with improved particle system menu, I can easily tweaked with the settings of the particles and see the preview.

In this release, advance physics facility is also added in its features. Well, that is one of the remarkable things happened in Anime Studio since Smith and Micro acquired its ownership. With that feature, you don’t have to animate falling object, bouncing objects etc manually. All we have do is work with the physics tab and you will see how anime studio apply the settings to the animation. Well knowing how to animate physics manually is a plus to the animator but knowing  the principle and have Anime Studio to help him sounds good too.

The only problem I have had with version 7 is that there is bug in its scripting facility which I hope has been fixed in Anime Studio 8.

You can find more information about Anime Studio on the official website.

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