The Animator’s Burden, We Are Actors and Actresses!

Artists from Paris created their version of Gokou, which they called as Project Gouken. Using Flash, Photoshop and After Effects, their team created a short remake of Gokou’s fight scene and they really did a convincing and remarkable job.

Animators don’t just focus on their ability to make things move, it is also about giving personality to characters. Well, from time to time we always consider about the principles of animation. That is the fundamental part of being an animator. Knowing that is definitely not a bad thing. But as knowledge increases, another door opens and makes an animator realize that there are just more things to consider aside from knowing the principles of animation.

When we animate, we are actors and actresses. It is the animator’s responsibility to give life to his drawings and not just life, but more importantly personality and emotions.

As in live action films, animations have stories and behind every story are characters. When we animate the characters in the stories, we have to place ourselves in their place. That way, they can be animated as how the stories portray them.

I am a fan of Dragon Ball Z as a kid and I really love the character of Gokou with his sense of humor and martial arts skill. I can relate with him (not just because it is cartoon and kid’s love cartoons) because the animation gives him a unique and interesting personality. Well the animators behind this work are good actors too. They animated Gokou as if they are Gokou. Now, as we learn to animate, we will keep that in mind that animators are actors too.

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