Freely Abrigo’s Cartoons Animated

Freely AbrigoI am an anime studio user and I know how to produce animation really fast using this software. With the intention of animating original Filipino content, I searched for pinoy cartoons and the works of Mr. Freely Abrigo (of Manila Bulletin) caught my attention. He often creates funny comic strips that shows our Filipino culture and I believe that his works can be good thing to start with. I browsed the internet for his cartoons and found Freely’s comic strips about “Patigasan ng Ulo” (Who Has the Hardest Head Contest). It really gave me a belly laugh when I found the reason why a Filipino won in that contest defeating the Japanese and American contenders. Why? It is because the Emcee in that competition has had a hard time calling the Filipino to come out to show how tough his head is. Eventually, the judges awarded him as “the most hard headed”.

I emailed Freely Abrigo about my intention of animating his cartoon strips and he replied back saying that he allowed me to do that provided that I will have him approve the animated work. I am really thankful to him for giving me his blessing.

So, in the future, you will see some of Freely’s animated cartoons posted in this blog and I hope that you will enjoy it.  In relation to that, I will be posting videos on how I created the animation from scratch. Animating comic strips is the idea of the pinoy artist Ken Naguit and I am so much glad to continue his legacy.

More power Mr. Freely Abrigo!

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