Pencil Animation Software for Pinoys

A couple of years ago, a lady asked me if i can suggest any animation software that she can use. She told me that she has been using Gimp in animating and she was looking for an alternative software to use. Gimp is a wonderful software but I think if what she wanted is a free animation software, there are available applications that she can use. I then suggested pencil animation software.

pencil animation softwarePencil animation software is a free animation software meant for traditional animation. If you really love to draw and want to have experience in creating hand drawn animation, you can try using this application. I think this will work best with the use of a tablet but experimenting with the mouse may also work. I know an animator in Newgrounds, LuisNG who makes hand drawn animation in flash with the use of the mouse and yet, he can make good animations with that. His flash shorts has been popular in NewGrounds and in Youtube.

Well, we do not assume that Pencil can compete with flash. Flash is Flash and as a flash animator I know the capability of flash. But keep in mind that good animation is not gauged by the software used but more importantly, with the skill and creativity of the artist or the animator.

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