Jeff Capili’s Malaya-Animahenasyon Winner!

“Malaya”(Free) is an animation short created by the pinoy animator Jeff Capili from Tuldok Animation, a winner in the 2009 Animahenasyon (Philippine Animation Festival). The animator used flash in this short video using what he called as “the secret process” that he and his co-animators in Tuldok are using to produce smooth animation of characters.

I believe that what Tuldok animation has done is really innovative making Adobe Flash produce animation that you can mistakenly identify as traditional animation. Flash has been used in many cartoon shows in Nickoledeon and you can easily distinguish that it is created in flash, most especially if you use flash. On the contrary, with the output Tuldok animation has shown in their animated films, it is like that they pushed Adobe Flash and their creativity beyond boundaries.

Malaya is an inspiration to all aspiring pinoy animators, giving us the lesson that just like the bird in a cage, we always seek for freedom. For a long time, pinoy animators are bringing other nation’s stories to life and Guhit Galaw believes that we should no longer be caged with their stories. It is the time for pinoy animators to achieve the sense of freedom and I am grateful for what Jeff Capili and his co-Tuldoks has done and will be doing.

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