Pinoy Character Design Contest 2011

Animation Council of the Philippines Inc. (ACPI) with the Toei Animation Philippines (TAP) announce the Pinoy character design contest for all Filipino Artists. Wow! In my point of view, this contest being organized by the ACPI and the TAP will definitely help artists in our country to prove their talents in producing characters that will be loved by people around the world.

Animahenasyon2011When I was a kid, I watch Batibot and what I loved most about that kiddie program were the characters like Kiko Matsing, Pong Pagong, Manang Bola and many other original Pinoy characters. They play great role in uplifting our Filipino cultural identity and at the same time impart values to Filipino children. This characters prove that we can build a foundation in introducing our humane and artistic potentials and the rich culture possessed by our race.

ACPI and TOEI Phil. encourage budding and professional Filipino Artists to introduce their character to everyone. Any kind of character is a valid entry provided that the character possesses Filipino concept or identity.

Interested artists can download the entry form at Animahenasyon official website.

Guhitgalaw believes that it is high time for pinoy artists and animators to shine. This character design contest can be a way for them to be in the lime light and to be acknowledge as outstanding pinoy character designers.

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