Pinoy Animation Magazine Re-launched

pinoy animation newsGuhit Pinoy Animation Inc. relaunched the Pinoy Animation Magazine, which is the first and only animation magazine in the Philippines and in Asia Pacific Region. This is a good news to Filipino Animation enthusiasts and to pinoy animators because this will ensure that we will be updated with the fresh news about Philippine Animation and be informed about important events that is taking place in the Philippine Animation Industry.

Working with the Animation Council of the Philippines, Lina Valdez (Guhit Pinoy Animation Inc, president and CEO) pointed out that this is a campaign to promote local animators and original Filipino content and to support the Philippine animation industry.

In an interview, Ma’am Valdez says that they aim for the uplifting of the status of Philippine Animation Industry in providing creative content globally and highlights our animation industry as a highly competent sector in the country’s BPO.

Pinoy Animation Magazine

The magazine is published quarterly for purposes of merchandising Filipino animation. Guhit Galaw is really proud of the effort of Guhit Pinoy in launching this publication. This Pinoy Animation Magazine will definitely gain the support of Professional and Freelance Filipino animators in the Philippines and all over the world. More power Pinoy Animation Magazine.

For those who are interested in seeing the Pinoy Animation Magazine, you can view the digital copy at pinoyanimag.

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12 Responses to Pinoy Animation Magazine Re-launched

  1. Jem Benzon says:

    Hi sir, thanks so much for featuring us in your blog! More power to your endeavors. Mabuhay ang lahat ng artists/animators! =)

    • Hello Mr. Jem Benzon, you are the art director of Pinoy Animation Magazine right? I am really grateful that you guys are exerting your effort to showcase the skills of pinoy animators and artists. I always believe that you are doing a noble job and your initiative in launching the Pinoy Animation Magazine is indispensable. It is also my gratitude that you provide inspiration and encouragement to me and to all the pinoy animators all over the globe. Live long and prosper! Mabuhay!

  2. LINA VALDEZ says:

    A big big Thanks for this featured, Lets continue to support the creative industry ..” ANG GALING NG PINOY ” let it be known to the world. …Calling all the Animators , creative artists , schools and trainings centers directors , studio owners , game developers, latest technology and software developer and supplier “YOU ARE ALL WELCOME” to contribute any article to serve as an inspiration and encouragement to all the Filipino atists. ” LETS BE PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO ! ” GOD BLESS US ALL .

  3. Wow it’s nice to know na may Animation Mag na sa Pinas. I hope it increases in circulation. I am an animator myself and just learned the art through self-study and now have a business creating animations for web startups. I hope this industry grows talaga sa Pinas.

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