Original Pinoy Animation,”Sulundon”, A Father and Son Heart Breaking Story.

Scouring the web for original Pinoy animation, I found this short animated film created by bouncingballinc.com, which is one of the best pinoy animations I have ever watched. The animation, the effects, and the script of this pinoy animated film is artistically executed by the animated characters portraying the story of a boy who idolize a boxer (named Gardo) and rejects his father because his father chose to become a referee than to become a boxer.

The boy’s admiration to Gardo turned to disappointment when his admired Gardo is starting to lose in a boxing game facing a tough opponent. His father, being the referee, decided to stop the game seeing that Gardo’s opponent is tough and his life would be in great risk if the match continues.

Unknowingly, Gardo felt grudge on what the boy’s father did and confronted his father. The boxer slapped the boy which urged his father to defend him. The confrontation went into a fist fight and his father defeated Gardo. The boy has a great smile when he has seen his father approaching him only to realize that his father is being stubbed by a knife and fell to the ground against the wall. In the end, the boy cried. hugging his father with tears of regrets for the way he treated his father.

Wow, what a heart breaking story is this and that prompted me to post that video in this guhit galaw blog.

Sulundon is a winner in the Philippine Animation Festival 2010 (Animahenasyon 2010) in the Regional Category, Directed by Jerome Alcordo & Ionone Bangcas.

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