Original Pinoy Animation-“Trapo”(Animahenasyon Finalist 2009)

Being a pinoy animator, I am an advocate of original Filipino animation. In my observation, companies abroad are hiring animators here in the Philippines to work for their projects and Filipino animators bring their stories to life. We, Filipinos do also have our own stories to tell. Our culture is rich and there are tons of things that we can tell to the world about us using animation as a medium. With the skills pinoy animators have, Filipinos can come up with animated stories that can be admired by the whole world.

With that idea in mind, I decided to make a series of posts about original Filipino animation or (original Pinoy animation) in guhitgalaw to show to the world the potentials we have in bringing our own stories animated.

Trapo1 is an animation short, directed by Jerome Alcordo & Ionone Bangcas, an original pinoy animation depicting a story of a poor child and his family living in the squatter’s area. During the election, a politician bribed his father to get his father’s votes, and eventually, that politician who bribed his father won the election. The sad part of the story is that that same politician worked for the demolition of the squatter’s area which made them homeless.

This animation is one of the finalists in the Animahenasyon 2009 (Philippine Animation Festival 2009).

1.Trapo is translated as “rug” in English.

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