Anime Studio Pro and Flash for Games

If you are great fun of games like Plant’s Vs Zombies etc, you will definitely notice that character animation is one of the great things needed in creating games. Animation gives life to the game and good graphics in some ways make the games appealing to the players. In that case, learning Flash and Anime Studio is a good investment, since having knowledge in these applications can be ¬†considered your credential in getting into flash gaming industry as graphic artist or animator. Pop cap games for example is often adding flash games to their site, and eventually, flash game developers are in need of animators that can create and animate characters and produce good game graphics.

Many people understands that flash is the one meant for creating flash games. Well that in fact is really true, provided that adobe flash is needed in creating assets for the games. But in my experience as flash game graphic artist and animator, anime studio and flash can work together in producing good game graphics. Like in 2009, I produced graphics for a game using both anime studio and flash and the output, is really satisfactory.

I will be sharing more of my experiences in using flash and anime studio and animation, so watch out for more. The tutorials page of this blog is not yet updated but I will be uploading more videos soon. If you have tutorial requests, please feel free to contact me.

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