Flashfilmamaker Review on Anime Studio

Ibiz Fernandez Fernandez, the owner of the site flashfilmmaker conducted a review on Anime Studio on 2008. Many anime studio animators were mentioned which includes: Julian Strokoe (animation Director from Auckland, New Zealand), Frank van Moorsel (hobbyist animator from Netherlands), Murray Lock (graphic artist and animator from New Zealand),Gilbert L. Concepcion( animator from the Philippines), and Fabian Harmanus (from Darmstadt, Germany). Well, it made me smile when someone like Ibiz Fernandez mentioned me in his review.

Ibiz pointed out the reason why these people use anime studio, which drives to anime studio’s best features like IK system or bone tools, depth sorting, and the software’s ability to create basic tweens (which is also essentially present in flash). He however pointed that anime studio can only supplement the needs on creating character animation but not as a way to create character animation. I disagree with this because in my experience as an anime studio user, anime studio can actually be used as a way of creating stunning character animations that can compete with a hand drawn traditional animation. To prove that, I can site the works of HeyVern (from www.lowrestv.com), the GreyKid Pictures, (from www.freakishkid.com) and of DarthFurby(http://darthfurby.com/). If you will just examine their works, you will be convinced that anime studio can be a cheaper alternative to Flash and Toon Boom.

The capability of anime studio in creating character animation can compete with Flash and Toon Boom. Anime Studio also has scripting capability (similar to flash extensions) which I myself has proven to be of great use in character animation. If you are really serious to unleash the potential of anime studio, it is my personal recommendation to visit their forum. The anime studio forum is haven for everyone who are aspiring to understand the work around of this application flocked with so many users which are so generous to extend help.

Last but not the least, I really thank Mr. Ibiz Fernandez for mentioning me in his site. Live long and prosper. In behalf of my blog Guhit Galaw, I thank him.

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