What is “guhit galaw”?

There is no exact term in Filipino for the word animation. But whenever we do not find an exact word to use for a foreign term (like for the word animation in English), the same term will be used modifying the spelling in the Filipino form, thus animation becomes “animasyon”.

GUHIT GALAW is the term I choose for the word animation in Filipino. In the literal meaning of these two words, GUHIT-GALAW represents a given concept in animation-“guhit na gumagalaw”1, which refers to the sequence of drawings moving across the screen, giving the illusion of movement.

Let us discuss one by one every principles and tips in animation through the efforts of different people who have learned the art of making animations. And through these tons of knowledge, let us open the road to the creative world of GUHIT GALAW!

Gilbert L. Concepcion

1.guhit – line or drawing, galaw-movement 

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6 Responses to What is “guhit galaw”?

  1. Robert says:

    Nice bro, cheers!

  2. Neryza Lee says:

    You’re on your way to great things! ^^

  3. Mike David says:

    The word “animate” means ‘to give life’ that’s why “inanimate” objects means, ‘lifeless’ objects. I think it’s better to be called “Dibuhay” (dibuhong buhay) but that’s only my opinion. Thanks…

    • gilbertconcepcion says:

      You have such witty thoughts. I appreciate it indeed. I will still prefer guhit-galaw because the word “dibuhay” may imply another thing (di buhay-dead). In addition “guhit-galaw” can also be used as a transliteration to the word motion graphics (motion-galaw, graphics-guhit, dibuho, larawan). Anyway, I am still very thankful to you for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Thank you very much.:-) BTW are you an animator?

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