Action Script 3.0 Basics

If you are pretty excited on learning Action Script 3.0 and got confused where to start, Mr. Jody Hall in his website produced a good collections of AS 3.0 OOP tutorials that helped me a lot in learning important stuff about game programming. The discussions in his website are designed for beginners, defining terms and giving examples that makes AS 3.0 programming easy to understand. And good news, source files for every tutorials are also provided such that you can take a look on how he arranged assets and Action Script files. Isn’t that cool? And the greatest thing is that he is so generous to help the readers of his blog promptly when you asked him questions about problems you encountered in AS 3.0 programming.

Don’t hesitate to learn Action Script 3.0 programming now at

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Full Body Turn Tutorial in Anime Studio

This tutorial is created by one of the Anime Studio user I admired most for his remarkable skills in executing animation using anime studio, Mr. Victor Paredes or as we know him in the lost marble site, “selgin”. This shows the outstanding capability of anime studio in making full body turn pushing anime studio more than expected. Bravo to Selgin.In his 8 minute tutorial, he discussed the process on setting up a sample character in Anime Studio and simulate body turn using advance animation techniques. You can view the thread about this post in this link.

Note:If you are interested in seeing the bear doing the full body turn, you can visit this post.

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Programming in Action Script 3.0 Made Easy

Games games games. With the basic understanding of Action Script, it is like understanding game development tortures me. It is really exhausting finding my way on manipulating objects and movie clips using codes and when an error popped out, it took me decade to figure out why and why. Looking for good resources on the internet about game development, I came across reading the works of veteran programmers to whom I really owe a lot of in relation to game development.

By the way, my background to game development is through my friend Ms. Czarina Salao who is a Java Programmer.She lead me the way in understanding the concept about game development. Now, going back to my main point, understanding at least how programmers work with the object oriented programming broadens my perspective on how I am going to design my characters, arrange them in movie clips, and prepare all the essential elements of the game on the graphics side. I can say that, at least the basic understanding of programming concept is a lot of help in producing good design for games that will be convenient for the programmers and developers to use.

One of the many important references in understanding gaming concept are the works of Gary Rosenweig‘s which inspires me a lot. He diligently explained beginner’s and advance concepts of programming in Action Script 3.0 and provided source files that we can check and experiment later. He explained everything with ease and it is like programming is really on his blood. Well, I mean it, in my observation to his videos, I did not find him having a hard time dealing with his discussions.

Another one, which I have just recently found are the works Jody Hall. I crawled into the pages of her discussions and baamm, I smiled with gladness seeing how she divided her discussions chunks by chunks explaining the details of the codes, how they work and how codes are related to one another. Her tutorials are worth it and provided me a clear picture on good approach to Object Oriented Programming. Well so much for that, I hope that you can also see the works of these two and find their tutorials helpful. You can visit their websites at and

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Anime Studio-Ninji Character Design

Now, it is a fun time starting to animate again in anime studio. For quite a while I have been animating in Flash for games and now it is pretty exciting that I am preparing a character for a game. I want to introduce the character to you. Her name is Ninji, the princess of the rainbow village. At first it is really difficult to decide how she will look like. I am thinking of giving her an anime cute look and realize that chibi character design will suit her very well.

Ninji-Anime Studio

Ninji-Anime Studio SS

For now I am preparing the mouth positions, eye expressions and cycles needed when I integrate the animations to the Flash interface. I will posts updates for you in the future. Let us have fun animating in Anime Studio!


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Cute Cat Nap Animation

We have cats at home, about three of them are kittens. My wife gave names to the two of them, one is Albert, one is Chi and the other one has no name. Well, they are cute cuddling cats and every morning I would see my wife playing with them. When I watched this animation, I remember those cute kittens we have at home that fills my heart with sweet memories of our house in Nueva Ecija. Well, I forgot to mention that I am now in Pampanga and we don’t have the kittens with us now. Anyway, this is a good animation, despite that it is not colored. Character animation is compelling enough to make me smile, timing is perfect and presentation is outstanding. Good flash animation indeed. This animation is created by simonscat and if you want to see more of the simon cat’s animation, feel free to visit their website.

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Website Promotion Through Weblist

In the real world, we promote our products to prospect customers devicing advertising and promotion strategies to ensure that we reach the targeted people. We conduct symposiums, presentations, pamphlet distributions and large numbers of proven marketing approaches in order to get the exposure we want for our products and services. Now, in the internet world, submitting our site’s URL to business web directory is a recommended step to make sure that we get the attention we want from web surfers. It is like saying, “Here is my product and this is the best.” Well, what is the worth if the message is just like a humming sound unheard in a big crowd of millions of websites all over the web. Our voice should be heard in the cyber world and what I am giving you is a simple guide of what we can do.

Jasmine DirectorySpeaking of website promotion, we have to make sure that we are wise in choosing web directories and similar services for URL submission. Just recently, I checked a business web directory which hits the check marks on my boxes for a good web listing. It is well organized, employing 100% SEO friendly write ups for websites and supports W3 css and HTML valid. Not only that it comply with the standards, it is packaged with a feature of creating automatic thumbnails for website in different categories ensuring 5 deep URLs for each websites listed on their services. Well, for me, auto-thumbnailing for websites serves like some sort of avatar and needed for a better visual representation for site listings

Well, we get inclined to blogging, like what I do, then what? We already have good content, descriptions and well versed copy for posts. Never forget that the next thing that has to be done is working out our website or blog exposure in the internet world. That is where business listing will work in favor of bloggers and website owners whose main goal is to let the world know what their site is all about.

Guhitgalaw want to help my fellow bloggers in promoting their websites and I hope that this will serve as a good guide for everyone.

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Facebook as a Medium for Public Service

Facebook, which we can tell as the most popular social networking site today has been used by a concerned citizen to help an old woman find her missing husband, Lolo Matias. According to his story, he saw an old woman sitting by herself along buendia and roxas boulevard with bond paper pinned on her clothes with printed picture of his husband who has been two weeks missing. He was touched and decided to help the old woman by taking her picture and posted it on his facebook wall. Eventually, it caught the attention of many facebook users (in the Philippines) and shared the information to others.

Through that circulated information on facebook, Lolo Matias was found at the Quirino LRT station, telling that he just went out home looking for “adobo”. Now, as I heard from the news, the old woman and her missing husband are again together.What a wonderful and touching story. An example of love that did not fade till their old days. So sweet!

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